Tastes and Tales Toronto


Tastes and Tales Toronto is a newly-established food tour company giving guided walking tours of some of Toronto’s most iconic areas.

We began with logo design, and after a few iterations settled on a design inspired by the classic ‘acorn’ style of street sign which was once prevalent in Toronto, with additional signs underneath in the modern style of Toronto’s new signage.

Drawing from the street sign theme, the primary fonts for tastesandtales.ca are a font very similar to Highway Gothic, the font most commonly used in North American road signs. The primary colours are drawn from the ‘full’ version of the logo, with a light blue from the sky background and a red from the strawberry. Being in the food and restaurant business, the website design is image-forward with liberal use of overlays to create a coherent yet exciting visual experience.

Each tour page features a mini event calendar, Google Maps integration, as well as integration with the EZ Tix platform to allow customers to purchase tickets securely directly from the tour page.

Additional work with Tastes and Tales includes printed materials and other graphic support for events.